Real Estate Development (China)

Zarsion Real Estate projects are located throughout the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Integrated Regional Area, mainly in Beijing, Tianjin, Jilin Province, and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. In 2016, Zarsion’s annual development was over one million square meter, and there were 9 major projects that are selling in the market.

Real Estate Projects in China

Real Estate Development (Overseas)

Starting in 2005, Zarsion participated in the China-U.S. Education Exchange Program and launched overseas development strategies. In 2012, Zarsion started its real estate investments in California and New Jersey. Currently, Zarsion owns 5 fully owned companies and subsidiary companies. In 2015, Zarsion America, Inc. was awarded the “Investment in the Bay Area Contribution Award” by the Congress of the State of California.

Real Estate Project in the U.S: Brooklyn Basin

Property Management

Zarsion Property Management in China possesses the National First-Rank Quality credential for Property Management. In 2004, the credential was certified by the International Quality Management System: ISO9001:2000.

Financial Investment

Zarsion Financial Investment platform is expanding its investment to private equity, venture capital, insurance, and banking industry.

Smart Technology

Zarsion Technology provides smart technology to the society’s communities, districts, and cities, which include smart home, social media, internet services, and big data. The provision of on-line, off-line network connections and financial investment services provide added value to property management service quality.

Social Responsibilities

Zarsion has established its charity brand name for benefiting the public benefits-“Zarsion Tree”. Zarsion Tree has made contributions to fundamental education in both of the urban and rural areas, ecological environment protection, and ethnic cultural enhancement, which has been widely recognized by society.